How To Do A Zoom Video Interview


How To Do A Zoom Video Interview

The way we live and work has changed significantly since COVID-19 first came around. Fast forward to 2021 – we’re using more flexible ways to communicate than ever before, and video calls are a big part of this equation. Nowadays, it’s extremely common to be asked to complete a Zoom job interview before you’re offered the position.

So if you’ve never used Zoom before – or aren’t familiar with video calls – how can you make sure your job interview goes as well as it can? Read on to see our top tips for nailing your big moment.

Our top tips for an interview on Zoom

1. Know what questions they are likely to ask

A good place to start is by doing some research into the company that you want to apply to. Find out as much information about them as possible, including any relevant links like social media accounts. This gives you points to talk about during your call instead of just waiting around awkwardly while they ask you general questions. It also helps when preparing answers for specific questions that might arise later.

2. Prepare in advance

You don’t have to know absolutely all there is to know about the company right now, but having at least one thing up your sleeve could save you from feeling unprepared. Even if you have the convenience and comfort of completing a video interview from home, you still need to have the knowledge in your head and be ready to go.

For example, if you were applying for a marketing role, having some knowledge of digital marketing would allow you to answer questions related to search engine optimisation and content creation. Similarly, if you knew anything about the industry, you’d be able to give useful insights about working conditions and trends within the field. If you didn’t have these things prepared beforehand, then you won’t perform as well.

3. Keep comfortable

When conducting a phone interview, most people are pretty relaxed because they already know each other well enough to get past small issues without causing offence. However, a video interview brings a whole new set of challenges: you’ll be meeting face to face for the first time, and even though you both have cameras running, you won’t necessarily be able to see each other’s faces very well. So take care of your personal hygiene, put on clean clothes, and ensure you feel confident enough to carry on a normal conversation.

4. Speak slowly and confidently

Without face-to-face contact, it can be hard to hear at times over video conferencing, especially when there are other things going on in the background. Slow and steady wins the race. Make sure there are no awkward pauses between sentences, but speak steady and at a pace where they can understand you clearly. 

5. Be professional and polite

This includes dressing appropriately, maintaining eye contact and using correct grammar. Remember that completing a Zoom video job interview still requires you to look the part; so take the time to ensure your outfit is clean and ready to go, and ensure there is no mess in the background. After that, it’s all about showing them your best self.

6. Ensure your microphone works properly

Try testing out your camera/microphone set up before starting the call. Zoom allows you to connect to the right sound settings, so make sure you’ve checked this before heading straight into the call. Additionally, test out your mic volume levels. The sound coming through the speakers should match what you’re hearing on screen.

7. Make sure your webcam works

You need to verify that your webcam is working correctly before recording your interview. Just like your sound settings, Zoom will give you the option to switch views and recording devices. Remember to close any other source that might be trying to access your camera at the same time, as this can commonly cause issues (i.e. your device’s actual camera app).

8. Take advantage of whiteboard software

It might seem obvious, but having access to a whiteboard or piece of paper allows you to draw diagrams and visualisations which can really add value to your explanations. Having a pen and pad nearby also means you can jot down notes. Plus, being able to clearly illustrate ideas and concepts makes it easy for the interviewer to follow along.

9. Make use of the tools available

Zoom offers many features to enhance your experience, whether you’re talking to someone across the country or across the world. For instance, you can share documents easily through the chat window and send reminders to keep conversations flowing smoothly. Take full control of your presentation by customising the background colour, font size and layout.

10. Practice makes perfect

The more you practice, the less nervous you’ll become. Don’t wait until the actual day comes round – start practising early on in order to build confidence and familiarity. That way, once you sit down for real, you’ll be far more comfortable than you think you’d ever be. And if all else fails…

11. Show those pearly whites

Smiling is contagious, so keep smiling throughout the interview. Not only does it show enthusiasm, interest and professionalism, but it also encourages others to engage with you positively. Video still allows your potential employers to assess your general attitude and body language, so it’s important to smile when appropriate. Exuding confidence and positivity can go a long way.

12. Use gestures effectively

Gestures like nodding your head while listening and making nonverbal signals such as pointing towards something helps convey understanding and demonstrates engagement. As there is only limited body movement and language happening during these calls, using your hands to aid communication can be a nifty trick to keep in mind.

13. Check your internet connection

If you’re looking at how to do an interview on Zoom without any complications, it’s important to triple-check your internet connection. If you’re having issues maintaining a stable connection, try restarting your computer or router. If this doesn’t work, then check your network settings and make sure your IP address isn’t blocked from accessing the Internet. Ensure you are connected to the right device.

In some cases, having two devices plugged into different ports might cause problems. Try switching one port off temporarily and see how that affects connectivity. Once you’ve carefully gone through each of these interview tips, you’ll be ready to tackle your Zoom interview head-on! As with face-to-face alternatives, it’s all about keeping calm, collected and professional. Do the preparation beforehand and you’ll thank yourself later.

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